Wholly Jane



Wholly Jane



Wholly Jane is the story of a thirty-something cradle Catholic, or as she calls herself, a clumsy Catholic. She is more holey than holy and her journey of faith is one of seeking wholeness. Jane talks openly about her life and herexperiences, sharing everything from her conversations about God with her young children to her honest, if less-than-rote, prayers. Jane’s story is casual, honest, funny, at times raw and often poignant. She is irreverent, yet faithful and openly flawed. As she moves through her story, she discovers how God fit into everything that was going on around her, even when she felt nothing but a glaring absence. Without flinching, she recounts her childhood memories, the nightmare of an abusive marriage and the lost and found of her faith journey. She offers up her story as witness that Jesus came for the sinner, the lost, and the broken. She also offers a glimpse of the voice of her self-doubt that scoffs at her attempts to seek redemption and openly mocks her as worthless trash. The book offers an absorbing, thought-provoking story. Appealing to readers of Anne Lamott and Mitch Albom with its honesty and fresh look at the difference between religion and faith, Jane’s story shows how important religion is on the path of faith. Religion is both the marker and the road map when she loses her way.

Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/Wholly-Jane-ebook/dp/B00597QRVA/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1309744382&sr=8-2 Don’t have either a Kindle? The apps is free and available for Android & iPhone as well as PC, Mac and iPad platforms. I’m available to speak at to book clubs or groups.

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